The demands of a leader have never been more complex. And strong leadership has never been more highly demanded.

But what is ‘strong leadership’; Decisive and bold? Empathetic and warm? Industry disruptor? Hands-on coach? Of course, it’s all of these things but different roles and environments put different emphasis on different leadership styles. 

Conker Inside is a quick but accurate assessment of your own leadership style, providing clear and powerful insights into your natural preferences towards the most important aspects of leadership.

We have taken inspiration from several studies, including Myers Briggs Personality Types, the DISC Personality Profiles, Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model and Edward de Bono’s Hats, among others. With the help of Terri Bailey, an awarded specialist, highly qualified HR practitioner with experience in psychometrics and employer engagement, we have created a self-completion diagnostic for every type of leader.

The assessment itself takes just 5-10 minutes to complete but it’s important to answer each question truthfully, not what you think you ought to say. Based on your response, Conker Inside calculates the closest match to one of our 16 unique leadership types. The algorithm instantly provides an overview of your type and you will then receive an email with a detailed summary of your leadership profile, including your strengths, communication style, management style, watch-outs and areas for development.

The profiles are designed to highlight the many positive attributes you have but, inevitably, there are some things that might make you feel uncomfortable. Try to reflect and maybe ask for feedback from those who know you well and that you trust. If you feel the profile doesn’t quite match your style, try it again and answer from the perspective of what others think about you. Remember, your leadership style is more how others perceive you and less how you perceive yourself.

Lastly, this hasn’t been designed to replace in-depth psychometric tests. It provides a helpful snapshot into your preferences, which, if matched with an organisational preference, can be used to better understand and predict alignment or misalignment with specific leadership roles, both now and into the future.

We hope you enjoy learning more about your personal leadership style.